Creating an OSS community to Simplify Microservices


Ortelius is an Open Source Microservice Management Platform. 

Ortelius maps microservice configurations with their relationships to the applications that use them using a Domain Driven Design (DDD). These microservice configurations are cataloged, versioned and tracked enhancing their reuse across teams. 

Why Ortelius is Essential:

Microservices break up an application as we know it. Ortelius puts it back together in a logical view that can be tracked and versioned over time. In the process, Ortelius creates an ‘internal’ marketplace of microservices with deployment data. This can be shared easily across teams based on Domains, making reuse easy.    

  • Automated relationship mapping saves 1-2 hours of manual work per week for every development team
  •  Microservice sharing reduces redundant coding by up to 50% and creates a flexible and dynamic ecosystem 
  • Visibility gives Site Reliability Engineers the knowledge of what’s going on and the ability to make data-driven decisions quickly
  • The delivery pipeline is evolved to support microservices without a costly re-design

We Need Your Help as an Ambassador

We are building an OSS community and need your help. The Ortelius OSS Ambassador Program aims to develop a diverse and welcoming international community of both novices and professionals who want to improve, contribute, and manage the Ortelius open source project.


Will you be one of the Founding Ambassadors? 

The Quest of the Ambassador Program

  • To contribute to the success of microservices.
  • Ambassadors will work with their own local communities sharing their skills, education and support to those who’d benefit.
  • All are welcome – developers, practitioners, consultants, bloggers, analysts, advocates, community builders, local event organizers and microservices evangelists.

About the Program


The Ortelius OSS Ambassador Program is a network of 10+ passionate community leaders, developers, and Meetup hosts & organizers from all over the globe. These volunteers are committed to improving and simplifying microservices for everyone facing the big shift in software configuration management.  These Ambassadors work with their local communities with skills, education and support in CI/CD. These individuals include: industry influencers, enterprise practitioners, consultants, bloggers, analysts, advocates, community builders, local event organizers and evangelists. 


The Ortelius OSS Ambassador Program aims to develop a diverse and welcoming international community of both novices and professionals who want to improve, contribute, and manage the open source software, for the benefit of helping others in implementing microservices and Kubernetes.  


Ambassadors will oversee the Github OSS project, welcoming new members, as well as: 

  • Being the Community Go-To resource for people interested in Ortelius
  • Help users learn more about simplifying microservices with Ortelius
  • Manage and respond to pull requests, questions, & suggestions on Github 
  • Represent the Community publicly
  • Join the quarterly Zoom Ambassador meetings
  • Engage with members on Github and social media platforms
  • Submit your experiences to the quarterly newsletter


Ortelius will measure the success of the program by tracking:

  • Growth of CI/CD Meetup Community groups and their individual membership
  • Engagement on Github (pull requests, improvements, membership)
  • Number of blogs, webinars, or talks delivered by Community Ambassadors on OSS
  • Digital channel growth (webinar views, event attendees, Twitter, and LinkedIn followers). 


Ortelius Community Ambassador Benefits

Special promotion of your status as an Ortelius Community Ambassador & personal brand through content: blogs, webinars, events and social media acknowledgement as well as

  • Digital Ortelius Badge will denote open source project expertise
  • Swag
  • Sponsorship of your Ortelius Meetup Groups
  • Bio on the Ortelius Community Website
  • Access to other Ortelius Community Ambassadors to grow your experience in microservices and Kubernetes
  • Influence the direction of community-produced resources. 
  • Access to Steve Taylor for assistance in all things Ortelius and DevOps
  • Ability to Post Blogs on the Ortelius Ambassador site.
  • Assistance with community networks: mailing lists and discussion forums.

Community Code of Conduct

Every community can be strengthened by a diverse variety of viewpoints, insights, opinions, skillsets, and skill levels. However, with diversity comes the potential for disagreement and miscommunication. The purpose of this Code of Conduct is to ensure that disagreements and differences of opinion are conducted respectfully and on their own merits, without personal attacks or other behavior that might create an unsafe or unwelcoming environment. Topics around continuous delivery can be varied, everyone’s opinion is important. 

Read the Guidelines. 

Meet the Team


Community Manager:

Marky Jackson is an open-source leader. As one of the core maintainers of the Jenkins project, Marky ensures code quality. Marky also is a member of the Kubernetes organization, where he is currently a release manager associate for Kubernetes quarterly release cycle. Marky is a CDF ambassador and public speaker at many conferences and meetups worldwide.

Project Manager

Steve Taylor is a visionary and industry leader in the area of microservices, Istio, Kubernetes, DevOps process improvement, software build and release, and configuration management. Steve was designing continuous delivery pipelines for Fortune 1000 companies before the term ‘continuous integration’ was ever used.  Steve is the architect of DeployHub, the first microservice management platform that also versions and maps microservices and their configurations. He is also the  mastermind behind OpenMake Meister, a build automation solution that has served its customers for over 20 years.  

In his free time, Steve is the Fire Chief of his local Volunteer fire department, plays hockey, builds houses and hangs out with his 4 dogs on his ranch in New Mexico. 

Tech Documentation Manager

Tracy Ragan is an expert in configuration management and pipeline life-cycle practices with a hyper focus on microservices and cloud native architecture. Tracy is the creator of the Continuous Delivery Foundation (CDF) Interactive Landscape and serves on the board of the CDF. Tracy is also a DevOps Institute Ambassador and speaks at many events including DevOps’ CNCF’s KubeCon, CloudBees DevOpsWorld and the AWS Marketplace webinar educational series.

Technology Oversight Committee (TOC)

  • Michael Galloway – Senior Engineering Manager, Netflix
  • Tara Hernandez – Google, Sr. Engineering Manager, CDF TOC
  • Christopher William Palmer – End User, Unisys
  • Hank Hendrickson  – Open Source Community, BP
  • Phil Gibbs – Open Source Community, OpenMake Software
  • Tim Kelton – Descartes Labs, Co-founder
  • Doug Orr – Sr. Engineering Director, Google (retired)
  • Bill Portelli – Former Collabnet CEO, CEO Quest, Board Advisor



Regardless of your experience level – Ortelius welcomes you.


Contact us with any questions, suggestions, or to become an Ortelius Community Ambassador.