Ansible and Ortelius

Use Ansible Galaxy Roles with Components

Include the IT Stack in your configuration mapping using Ansible Galaxy Roles

Leverage Ansible Galaxy Roles to perform the install logic of your Microservice or application Component.  Ortelius for microservice configuration mapping allows you to incorporate infrastructure configuration management changes using Ansible as part of the Map.  Incorporating the IT stack changes into your application is the easiest way to guarantee a successful Continuous Deployment process that addresses the entire ecosystem. Changes to the IT Stack are versioned and traced along with your application Components keeping a history of all the moving parts in a central location.

ansible and microservices

Ortelius incorporates Ansible out of the box. Ansible allows our users to jump start their continuous delivery process using pre-packaged units of work contributed by the Ansible Community.  Ansible Galaxy Roles are built into Ortelius Components Hub and are ready to be used.  As an example, if your application targets WebSphere or uses CloudStack, an Ansible Galaxy Role “component” can be easily defined to your Application package.