Ortelius Joins Hactoberfest


Hacktoberfest is a month long celebration of open source software. It happens every year in October. During this event everyone can support open-source by contributing changes, and then earn a limited edition swag.

We invite everyone to participate and to contribute to the Ortelius project, regardless of their background and Ortelius or open source experience. There are many ways to contribute to Ortelius during Hacktoberfest. You can work on code or documentation, create a new logo, etc. You can also share your experiences with Jenkins by creating a new blogpost. Generally, any pull requests in GitHub would qualify.

Quick start

  1. Sign-up to Hacktoberfest on the event website.
  2. Join our Discord channel.
  3. This year Hacktoberfest does not require labeling pull requests, but please mention Hacktoberfest in your pull requests so that they are reviewed quickly!

Featured Projects

If you are a newcomer contributor, we have prepared a list of projects/components where you will get a warm welcome. All these projects have newbie-friendly tasks, contributing guidelines, and active maintainers who have committed to assist contributors and to provide quick turnaround in pull requests.

Project/component Keywords Ideas and links


the Hipster Store Example, Blogs

Extend and improve Ortelius documentation, test and find bugs using Ortelius in the DeployHub Team SaaS environment, create a new blogpost, a technology-specific solution page or a tutorial.

Sign Up to Test Ortelius using  DeployHub Team.

Write a blog about your experience with testing Ortelius or any other topic that works for you.  There is a lot to talk about on how to track configurations of logical applications and the clusters they are running in.


Ortelius Reports

Microservices in Python

We are working to build out our maps and reports.  Visibility is a key benefit of the Ortelius component versioning engine. These reports are simple tabular reports written in Python as a microservice.

Component to Application View https://github.com/ortelius/ortelius-ms-rpt-comp2app

Application to Environment View https://github.com/ortelius/ortelius-ms-rpt-app2env

Component to Environment View https://github.com/ortelius/ortelius-ms-rpt-comp2env

Environment to Component View https://github.com/ortelius/ortelius-ms-rpt-env2comp

Environment to Application View https://github.com/ortelius/ortelius-ms-rpt-env2app

Ortelius Integration

New features

We need to build out integrations to:




Jenkins X

Ortelius Artwork


Create a new logo for Ortelius. A mascot would be nice. We are thinking an Alien- Think Jenkins Albuquerque Alien An Alien walking a dog (DeployHub has a dog), an alien with a dog on his spaceship, get creative.

Ortelius General

The ‘To Do’ list

We have lots of other projects to work on, including building out our own CD process.  Check out the To Do list for other projects you can get started on. Reach out to Steve Taylor to get more clarification on what is needed from this list.

Experienced developers


If you are an established developer and want to create something new, please don’t let yourself to be blocked by the suggested topics! Feel free to contribute to any area of Ortelius. If you see any major functionality missing in Ortelius, we invite you to create new plugins and custom actions. See more.

Ortelius Hactoberfest Events

Hacktoberfest is a fully online event this year. Ortelius specific events for Hacktoberfest will be announced on the events page, in twitter.


This section provides answers to anyone who wants to participate in Hacktoberfest and to submit pull requests to the Ortelius project.

I am new to Ortelius, how do I start?

If you are new to Ortelius, you could start by reviewing our documentation or signing up for DeployHub Team and testing our Hipster Store example or your own deployments. DeployHub Team is a SaaS version of Ortelius running in Google.  If you find issues or updates that need to be made, you can create a pull request. This is a great way to get your head into what Ortelius is all about.

How do I mark my pull requests?

This year Hacktoberfest does not set any special requirements for marking pull request. Any pull requests submitted between Oct 01 and Oct 31 will be counted towards the goal, unless they are marked as invalid by maintainers. Still, we ask contributors to mark their pull requests so that we can track Hacktoberfest statistics on the Ortelius side. There are three ways:

  • So we can track it, put “Hacktoberfest” in your pull request titles

I want to work on Integration with Spinnaker, Jenkins, and Tekton?

Yes, it is fine! Any contributions count, your role in a repository does not matter. Just make sure you create pull requests instead of direct pushes.

How to find Ortelius documentation?

Got to documentation.

How do I get reviews?

All featured projects are monitored by their maintainers, and you will likely get a review within a few days.  In case of delays, ping us in the hacktoberfest channel in Discord. Unmerged pull-requests also count in Hacktoberfest, so merge delays won’t block you from getting prizes.

I am stuck. How do I get help?