Microservice Configuration Mapping

What is Ortelius?

Ortelius maps your microservice configurations with their relationships to the application that use them.  Your microservice configurations are versioned and tracked so they are never lost.  The latest version of Ortelius is maintained by the Ortelius Community managed by DeployHub and OpenMake Software.
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 Ortelius Features

Catalog Microservices with Domains
Map Microservices to Applications
Version Microservice Configurations
Version Application to Microservice Updates
Share Microservices Across Teams
Perform Microservice Deployments
Database Management Support
Built-in Reusable Actions and Workflows
Supports AWS Lamda,  RedHat Operators and Helm
Rollback and Roll Forward Recovery
Continuous Feedback Loop from Build to End Point
Deploys to modern architecture or legacy environments