An Open Source Microservice Catalog for Supply Chain Management

A Centralized Supply Chain Evidence Store

Ortelius is central catalog of supply chain and DevOps intelligence. It is designed to track and version composition details for every component of your software supply chain along with all consuming ‘logical’ applications. With Ortelius, you can easily view your ‘logical’ application’s SBOM, CVEs, service dependencies, and inventory based on versions, even in a decoupled microservices architecture.

Ortelius aggregates DevOps, security and supply chain data for each independent component moving through the pipeline. It is particularly useful in cloud-native, microservices architectures where the ‘logical application’ becomes ambiguous. Ortelius tracks who is consuming shared components, versions them when they are updated and then creates new release candidates for every ‘logical application’ that is impacted by a component change. It then aggregates that data to the ‘logical’ application level so you don’t have to.

The latest version of Ortelius is maintained by the Ortelius Community managed by the Continuous Delivery Foundation (Linux Foundation). It was originally created by DeployHub and OpenMake Software. Our mission is to simplify the adoption of modern architecture through a world-class microservice catalog driven by a supportive and diverse global open source community.

Continuous Versioning of Your Software Composition


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Supply Chain Data

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Logical Application Tracking

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Ortelius Features

Component ownership.
Logical application versioning.
Component blast radius.
Component ‘Drift’ reporting.
Component inventory usage across all clusters.
Component key value pairs management.
Application Level SBOM Reporting.
Application Level CVE Reporting.
Supports hybrid environments.
Integration with Deployment Engines.
Integrates into DevOps Pipelines.
Easily extentable.

Abraham Ortelius – Our Inspiration

Abraham Ortelius

Abraham Ortelius made his name by collecting data from scientists, geographers, and cartographers of his time and transforming it into what the world now knows as a world Atlas. His Atlas, titled Theatrum Orbis Terrarum (Theatre of the World), was published on May 20, 1570. His Atlas disrupted the way the world was seen, with the first concepts imagining continental drift. Also of interest are the sea monsters shown in the water – mythical creatures that were a subject of fascination in Ortelius’ generation.

A Thought Leader in Sharing

Ortelius also in some ways created on open source community of his day. To accomplish his goal, he was the first cartographers to give credit to his fellow scientists by adding their names to the Atlas. Ortelius was known to have corresponded with other professionals throughout Europe and pulled together their knowledge to create his publication and a truly global view of the world.

Thank you Abraham Ortelius for showing us the way.