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Ortelius 2024 BlogAThon, February 1st through April 1st, 2024


It is that time of year to put on your thinking caps and submit a blog for the 4th annual Ortelius BlogAThon. Pick a topic that you are passionate about related to:

  • Open-source Security
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Ortelius Architecture
  • Ortelius Tips and Tricks
  • Your experience as an open-source contributor on the Ortelius Project
  • Infrastructure for open-source projects
  • Challenges of decoupled architectures, microservices
  • Machine Learning and AI related to DevOps and Supply Chain data

Get your Blogs in by April 1st, 2024. The annual BlogAThon is a great way to earn Ortelius Recognition Award points for the Ortelius Ambassador Category.

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View the Ortelius Blog Repo and assign yourself to a topic.

cdCon 2024, April 16th-18th, Seattle WA


Join the Ortelius contributors, Continuous Delivery leaders, industry icons, practitioners, and open source developers for a three-day experience as we improve the world’s capacity to deliver software with security and speed.

cdCon is the annual event hosted by the Continuous Delivery Foundation that brings together technology teams, enterprise leadership, and open source communities to drive the future of software delivery. This year, cdCon is part of Open Source Summit North America, along with many other great events.

This event is co-located with Open Source Summit North America. Plan to attend on April 16–18, 2024 in Seattle, Washington.

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Community Meetings

community meetings

Attend a meeting to keep up to date, or to get started as a contributor. We look forward to your help and input on the Ortelius project:

  • Ortelius and Emporous General Community Meeting – this monthly meeting is an ‘all hands’ meeting giving the everyone an opportunity to share their progress. This is a good meeting for new contributors to meet the teams and hear what’s up.
  • Ortelius and Emporous Architecture Meeting – This group is driven to help define the future roadmap of Ortelius and Emporous including a global evidence store for sharing security profiles, SBOMs, open-source libraries, with historical data.
  • Ortelius Outreach Meeting – This group helps drive adoption and messaging of the Ortelius platform.
  • Emporous Community Meeting - This meeting focuses on the Emporous Universal Object Reference, the backend to Ortelius.

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