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December 9th, 2023 - Ortelius Holiday Gathering

Ortelius Holiday Gathering

A Holiday celebration of the Ortelius Community

Join the Ortelius community to celebrate individuals who have been awarded recognition badges, attend Ortelius contributor lighting talks, and play twitch games with fellow contributors. Hosted on Zoom and the Ortleius Twitch Channel.

Community Meetings

community meetings

Attend a meeting to keep up to date, or to get started as a contributor. We look forward to your help and input on the Ortelius project:

  • Ortelius and Emporous General Community Meeting – this monthly meeting is an ‘all hands’ meeting giving the everyone an opportunity to share their progress. This is a good meeting for new contributors to meet the teams and hear what’s up.
  • Ortelius and Emporous Architecture Meeting – This group is driven to help define the future roadmap of Ortelius and Emporous including a global evidence store for sharing security profiles, SBOMs, open-source libraries, with historical data.
  • Ortelius Outreach Meeting – This group helps drive adoption and messaging of the Ortelius platform.
  • Emporous Community Meeting - This meeting focuses on the Emporous Universal Object Reference, the backend to Ortelius.

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