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cdCdon 2021 Call for Papers

cdCon 2021

The Continuous Delivery Foundation’s annual flagship event is happening June 23-24 and its call for papers is open!

cdCon 2021 CFP

cdCon 2021 is your chance to share what you’ve been doing with Ortelius! Have you been simplifying the adoption of modern architecture through microservices? Are you building something cool? Using it to solve real-world problems? Are you making things fast? Secure? Or maybe you’re a contributor and want to share what’s new. In all cases, we want to hear from you!

Submit your talk for cdCon 2021 to be part of the conversation driving the future of software delivery for technology teams, enterprise leadership, and open-source communities.

Submission Deadlines

Early-Bird Deadline: Friday, February 19 by 11:59 PM PST Final Deadline: Friday, March 5 at 11:59 PM PST


Here are the suggested cdCon 2021 tracks:

  • Continuous Delivery Ecosystem – This track spans the entire Continuous Delivery ecosystem, from workflow orchestration, configuration management, testing, security, release automation, deployment strategies, developer experience, and more. Advanced Delivery Techniques – For talks on the very cutting edge of continuous delivery and emerging technology, for example, progressive delivery, observability, and MLOps.

  • GitOps & Cloud-Native CD – Submit to this track for talks related to continuous delivery involving containers, Kubernetes, and cloud*native technologies. This includes GitOps, cloud-native CD pipelines, ChatOps, best practices, etc.

  • Continuous Delivery in Action – This track is for showcasing real-world continuous delivery addressing challenges in specific domains e.g. fintech, embedded, healthcare, retail, etc. Talks may cover topics such as governance, compliance, security, etc.

  • Leadership Track – Talks for leaders and decision-makers on topics such as measuring DevOps, build vs buy, scaling, culture, security, FinOps, and developer productivity.

  • Community Track – There is more to open source than code contributions. This track covers topics such as growing open source project communities, diversity & inclusion, measuring community health, project roadmaps, and any other topic around sustaining open source and open source communities.

Singular project focus and/or interoperability between:

  • Jenkins
  • Jenkins X
  • Ortelius
  • Spinnaker
  • Screwdriver
  • Tekton
  • Other - e.g. Keptn, Flagger, Argo, Flux

View all tracks and read CFP details on submitting your proposal.

We look forward to reading your proposal!