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Ortelius XRPL Bounty GitHub Setup

Contributed by Steve Taylor, Ortelius Core Contributor


Getting Paid for your contributions to the Ortelius XRPL Project

The GitHub Sponsor program is used to pay folks for work they do on issues tagged with a Bounty. It may seem odd, but you will be registering yourself as a ‘sponsor.’ It would seem like you would be registering as a ‘sponsee,’ but no - you are a ‘sponsor’ which is the receiving party. Follow these steps to register:

  • Login into GitHub and click on your Profile Icon, then select Your sponsors with the heart logo.

    Your Sponsors

    Your Sponsors

  • Select Join the waitlist

    Join the waitlist

    Join the waitlist

  • Once you pass the ‘waitlist’ you will be directed to setup your profile, provide a bio, and connect a Stripe Account to receive payments. The Stripe Account will connect to your bank account where payments will be deposited. If you don’t have a Stripe Account, you can create one from here.

    Connect Stripe

    Connect Stripe

  • Once you connect your Stripe account, you will be asked to submit your request for approval. It could take a few days for this to be finalized.


4 Bounty equals $65 USD. These payouts will be made after the Pull Request containing the completed work is approved by 3 maintainers.

Looking for Bounties?

The ortelius/ortelius issues with a Bounty Label is where you want search for an issue to work on. Pick an issue and assign yourself to that issue. Deliver the work requested by the issue using the PR process, then get 3 reviewers to approve the PR and you will get paid the Bounty associated with the issue.