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Ortelius XRPL Bounty Process

Contributed by Steve Taylor, Ortelius Core Contributor


How To Get Paid For Contributing to the Ortelius Ledger Project

Ortelius has been given a $75K Grant (see GitHub Repo ortelius/la-sbom-ledger) by the XRP Ledger to build on top of their blockchain ledger. The high-level project plan is here.

This Grant will be paid out to individuals that participate work around Ortelius and XRPL using the Linux Foundation CrowdFunding program.

Rules for Participation

  1. Tasks will be broken down into GitHub Issues that include the description of the work needed, the deliverable and the bounty amount.
  2. A contributor can self assign the issue to themselves and start work on a GitHub fork for the deliverable.
  3. The contributor will then submit a PR to submit the deliverable for review to the corresponding Ortelius repo.
  4. 3 reviewers will be needed to “approve” the PR/deliverable for payment of the bounty to the contributor. The contributor will make any changes requested by the reviewers and update the same PR with those commits.


  1. 1 bounty (flying saucer) = 15 mins of work.
  2. 4 bounties = $65 USD
  3. Bounties will be assigned to each issue based on estimated time to complete the task.
  4. Issues should have only 1 person assigned by default. Collaborative work on a single issue should be noted in the PR with bounty allocation listed for each contributor.
  5. If needed, new issues should be added to address additional work instead of updating the bounty amount on an existing issue.
  6. The contributors will get paid monthly based on the number of bounties they have collected in a month.
  7. The payment will be made using the Linux Foundation Crowdfunding program.
  8. Bounty disputes will be handled by the Ortelius Governing Board.
  9. Governing Board decisions are final.