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Ortelius Microservice Visionaries December 2021

Ortelius Microservice Visionaries 2021

An Amazing Community of Committers

On December 8th, 2021 the Ortelius community hosted its second bi-annual ‘Microservice Visionaries’ gathering to celebrate the community committers of Ortelius, discuss microservice best practices, and drive awareness of the benefits and challenges of implementing a truly microservice architecture. We hosted the entire event on the Ortelius Twitch Channel giving our committers a platform for creating a unique virtual conference experience. Below are the recorded versions of the event:

Full Agenda

Live Presentations on Zoom

8:00 AM MST Beer and Donuts

This live Zoom event kicks off our Visionaries gathering. Meet the contributors and see who earned committer badges. There are 3 categories, Ambassador, Champions and Legends. To join the live event - add yourself to the Ortelius Google Groups.

Presentations on the Ortelius Twitch Channel

8:45 AM MST Keynote - Top 10 development challenges in a distributed architecture using Microservices

Ankur Kumar, Director Technology, Publicis Sapient Engineering Lead - Cloud Native & Microservices

Learn from Ankur to the common challenges organizations face with microservices ‘in the wild.’ Ankur will bring a clear ‘end user’ perspective on what it takes to build out a distributed architecture with microservices front and center. He will review the top ten challenges he has learned from his experience building out a true cloud native platform.

9:30 AM MST Getting yourself setup to start contributing code to Ortelius

Presented by Utkarsh Sharma, Consultant, Capgemini

Learn from Utkarsh how to become a ‘powerhouse’ open source committer. Utkarsh will walk through the steps you need to go through to setup your local environment and begin working on Ortelius Issues and create Pull Request. The lessons learned can apply to many Open Source projects. This is your chance to learn from one of the best. Thank you Utkarsh for your amazing work and contributions.

10:15 AM MST A High Level walk through of the Ortelius Architecture

Presented by Ayesha Khaliq, Engineering Manager, Emumba

Ortelius has gone through an architecture update moving to a microservice implementation. Yes, it is important to ‘eat our own dog food’ as they say. Join Ayesha to learn how Ortelius is moving away from its monolithic roots to a modern microservice implementation.

11:00 AM MST A walk through of an application modernization process

Presented by Ujwal Yelmareddy, Founder, Interas Labs

Ortelius is not the only project that is going through a modernization process. Join Ujwal as he explains the roadmap necessary for planning an enterprise strategy for moving away from monolithic development practices to a microservice architecture. This presentation will give clear insights on what is required and how to get the job done.

11:45 AM MST Data Science and the Ortelius Platform

Presented by Arvind Singharpuria

Ortelius hoards an amazing amount of data. As we move the project forward, Data Science will allow us to leverage this data to pursue machine learning and predictive behavior of microservices shared across teams. Join Arvind, a data science enthusiast and brilliant University student as he shared is thoughts on the road forward to applying data science to the Ortelius project.

12:30 PM MST Closing Thoughts

Presented by Tracy Ragan, Ortelius Community Manager, DeployHub CEO

What is in store for Ortelius in 2022. Tracy Ragan will give us a view of the year ahead.

Presented by [Tracy Ragan](https://www.linkedin.com/in/tracy-ragan-oms/), Ortelius Community Manager, DeployHub CEO