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Hacktoberfest 2023

Hacktoberfest 2022

Digital Ocean celebrates open source by hosting Hacktoberfest each October. During this month, you can earn limited edition swag by contributing changes to the Ortelius project.

Everyone is invited to participate regardless of your expertise level or knowledge of Ortelius. We look forward to working with ‘first time’ contributors.

Get Started

  1. Register to participate in Hacktoberfest
  2. Join the Ortelius Google Group to keep updated on project activities.
  3. Join the Ortelius Discord Channel.
  4. Check-out the Become an Ortelius Contributor page for help in getting started with the Ortelius team.
  5. Read the Become a Contributor Blog for help on creating your first pull request.
  6. Learn to submit a blog.
  7. Meet the team by joining a meeting:

Where to Find an Issue to Work On

We have created a Hacktoberfest GitHub label so you can easily get credit for your pull requests. Issues with the Hacktoberfest label were created for Hacktoberfest participants, and many are ideal candidates for first time contributors.

You are not required to work only on issues with the Hacktoberfest label. You can choose any issue that works for you. If you choose an issue outside of the Hacktoberfest project you will need to create your pull request with the field called ‘Label’ using the keyword ‘Hacktoberfest’ so it can be recognized.


Ortelius has received funding for building an immutable SBOM blockchain. For issue related to this effort, you will see a “Bounty” label. If your pull request is excepted, you will be paid for this work. Learn more

Learn how to setup your GitHub account to receive payment.

For those of you who are just gettig to know Ortelius, the following is a list of project milestones where you will find ‘good first issues.’ All these projects have active maintainers who can assist you with your first time contribution and a quick turnaround on your pull request.

Project / Milestone GitHub Labels Description
Ortelius v10.0.1 Hacktoberfest, Good First Issue, User Interface, DevOps, Documentation This milestone is primarily a maintenance stream that is due to be completed December 1, 2023.
Ortelius v11.0.0 Hacktoberfest, Bounty, Good First Issue, User Interface, DevOps, Documentation Version 11 of Ortelius is a complete re-design of the Ortelius architecture. It includes an immutable SBOM using blockchain, a Universal OCI Registry (Emporous), and pull request related to creating a new user interface.
Emporous Project Hacktoberfest, Good First Issue, Documentation Emporous is a Universal Object reference that is used by Ortelius.
Outreach Hacktoberfest, Good First Issue, Blogs, Video This is an ongoing project for all outreach activities including website updates.

We look forward to working with you on becoming a leading Ortelius contributor.