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Ortelius An Incubating CDF Project

The Ortelius Open Source project accepted as an incubating CDF project


Santa Fe, NM – December 8, 2020– DeployHub, creators of the first microservice management platform, today announced that Ortelius, the DeployHub open source core, has been accepted into the Continuous Delivery Foundation as an incubating project. The mission of the Ortelius open source project is to simplify the adoption of a microservice architecture through a world-class microservice management platform driven by a supportive and diverse global open source community. Ortelius is the core of DeployHub Pro and allows DevOps teams to visualize the ‘logical’ application versions in a microservice architecture. Ortelius catalogs, versions and tracks microservices across clusters and supports continuous delivery by adding automated configuration management to the pipeline.

“We welcome Ortelius to the CD Foundation to help improve microservice adoption and implementation of better development practices,” said Tracy Miranda, Continuous Delivery Foundation Executive Director.

“In order to achieve success in microservices, organizations will need to manage them, or face the danger of microservice sprawl and complexity. Ortelius serves as a platform for microservice management,” explains Steve Taylor, Ortelius Architect and CTO of DeployHub, Inc.

“Microservices don’t need to be overly complex. The secret is in tracking their usage, versions and where they are running. The Ortelius team is dedicated to delivering a world class microservice management platform that simplifies the use and sharing of microservices,” Tracy Ragan, CEO DeployHub, Inc.

“Love microservices but stressed about managing them. Ortelius is here to make microservices fun again,” Karamjot Singh, Developer, Ortelius community member

“Ortelius will do for microservices what the Dewy decimal system did for library books,” Sacha Wharton, Ortelius community member.

“Collaboration in a cross-functional distributed environment must become more streamlined with microservices versions and dependencies outlined in clear fashion,” Tatiana Lazebnyk, Product Manager, Ortelius community member

“Microservice are more than an architecture, it’s a mindset which essentially represents a paradigm shift and a natural progression of DevOps. The Ortelius team brings a platform that is driven by Global leaders helping in the mindset change thus supporting your DevOps transformation journey,” Siddharth Pareek, Global DevOps CoE Practice Lead, Natwest Group

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Join the project – Google Groups (Ortelius-dev)

GitHub Repository – https://github.com/ortelius/ortelius

Reach us by email: request-info@ortelius.io

Project Site: ortelius.io

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Moving to microservices breaks the way we assemble and configure software. DeployHub puts it back together by providing a central ‘hub’ for cataloging, versioning, sharing and releasing microservices across the organization. DeployHub empowers your high performing software engineers to easily move from monolithic to microservices. For more information on DeployHub, go to www.deployhub.com

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