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January 2021 Newsletter

December Recap and January Events

December 8th marks the day the Ortelius project was accepted into the Continuous Delivery Foundation. Congratulations to all. The team celebrated with a ‘Beer and Donuts” zoom party that was attended by over 30 enthusiastic contributors and supporters.

Beer and Donuts

The announcement generated some news with articles by:

In December, the Ortelius team focused on simplifying the ‘on-boarding’ of new contributing members through the use of bots in the Discord Channel led by Karamjot Singh. A Contributor Guide, led by Siddharth Pareek, was also published to help individuals who are new to open source to become active members of the Ortelius community.

The community also committed to a focus on social networking. If you would like your posts shared, please add your social networking handles to the ‘social handles spreadsheet.’ This also helps us identify each other on the Discord channel.

January is all about being back to work. This month, Ortelius begins the discussion around “application sets,” which is the need to aggregate the deployment of multiple microservices as a single unit. Netflix, Armory, OpsMX and Intuit have been invited to the conversation to help define the use cases for application sets. The Ortelius team will be evaluating how this level of configuration management and relationship mapping can be added to provide this level of data on-demand to any deployment engine.

Ortelius added 10 additional open source contributors to the project. Welcome all.

There were 27 pull requests completed during the month of December.

Goals for the first quarter of 2021 will focus on increasing adoption of the Ortelius platform and building the open source contributor core.


The CD Foundation will be hosting a Podcast and Webcast for the Ortelius Announcement. The Podcast will be a panel discussion with Tracy Ragan, Siddarth Pareek and Neetu Jain. It will be recorded on January 12th and posted shortly after. A webcast has been scheduled with Steve Taylor presenting the Ortelius solution for January 27th 10AM PT / 1PM ET.