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Ortelius Microservice Visionaries 2021

Ortelius Microservice Visionaries 2021

An Amazing Community of Committers

On May 20th, 2021 the Ortelius community hosted the first ‘Microservice Visionaries’ gathering to celebrate the community committers of Ortelius, discuss microservice best practices, and drive awareness of the benefits and challenges of implementing a truly shared service oriented architecture. We hosted the entire event on the Ortelius Twitch TV Channel giving our committers a platform for presenting technical topics. Below are descriptions and links to the sessions.

Agenda: (all times in MT)

8:00 Beer and Donuts

This live Zoom event kicked off the Visionaries gathering. Meet the contributors and see who earned committer badges. There are 3 categories, Ambassador, Champions and Legends.

Presentations on the Ortelius Twitch Channel - Hosted by Sergio Canales

8:30 Implementing a Microservice Architecture using a Domain Driven Design
Presented by Aditi Agarwal and Hosted by Garima Bajpai

In this session we will define why a domain driven design (DDD) is important to building a shared service architecture. DDD is not new and has been a core methodology for defining 'problem' spaces to organize shared libraries. This session will give a basic definition of DDD and demonstrate how Ortelius helps facilitate this methodology through Domains.

9:15 Observability vs. Visibility - what is the difference?
Presented by Sacha Wharton and Hosted by Karamjot Singh

Observability - the process of tracing transactions between services on a single cluster - is an important aspect of microservices. But knowing how your microservices relate to one another across clusters in a logical view is another important data point. Visibility into microservices provides a proactive method for tracking the ‘logical’ application versions as their underlying components are updated. This presentation will show you how Ortelius creates the visibility across all clusters.

10:00 Pitfalls - Monolithic practice in a microservice architecture
Presented by Sergio Canales and Hosted by Saim Safdar

If you are getting started with microservices in a Kubernetes environment, be careful to avoid falling back on monolithic constructs in a microservice environment. Saim and Sergio will explore the topics and point out the pitfalls you should watch for.

10:45 Know Your Blast Radius
Presented by Munirat Sulaimon & Temitope Bimbo Babatola and Hosted by Atul Tiwari

So you feel like you’re flying blind sometimes? That is because you may not have the data to show you how a single microservice update will impact a specific cluster, and the applications. In this presentation, you will see how Ortelius manages your impact analysis and blast radius of all microservices.

11:30 Ortelius and GitOps (Panel) - the Road Ahead
Panelist: Steve Taylor, Christopher Hicks, Brad McCoy, Sergio Canales
Hosted by Tracy Ragan
As Ortelius evolves, it will support a GitOps model. This panel discussion will cover design concepts for the Ortelius GitOps approach. This project will begin in the early fall.

12:15 - Closing statements from Steve Taylor.