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Ortelius 2022 Governing Board

The 2022 Ortelius Governing Board and Committee Election Results

The Ortelius Open Source Project held their first Governing Board election. Nominations for the election were open from September 24th through October 15th. Elections were held between November 10th and November 27th on Condorcet Internet Voting.

Congratulations to all. The general community thanks all of you who are willing to step up and take on a Governing role. We are happy to report that the new board represents a global and diverse group of people from all over the world. The Ortelius project is committed to building a safe, inclusive experience for all participants. The new Board is a reflection of that commitment.

Learn more about the Governing Board and the Bylaws.

Introducing the New Board

  • Brian Dawson - Vice President of Developer Relations and Ecosystem Development at The Linux Foundation, California, USA
  • Ayesha Khaliq - Engineering Manager, Emumba, Pakistan
  • Siddharth Pareek - Global Practice Lead - DevOps CoE, NatWest Group, India
  • Ann Marie Fred - Senior Principal Software Engineer on the Developer Experience Engineering team, Redhat, Germany
  • Sergio Canales - Application Development and Practices Architect, Redhat, Chile
  • Sacha Wharton - Sr. DevOps Engineer, Kubevisor, South Africa
  • Steve Taylor - CTO DeployHub, Inc.
Ortelius 2022 Governing Board

Introducing the New Committee Chairs

In addition to the Governing Board, there are two permanent Non-voting Board Attendees, the Ambassador Chair and the Champions Chair. The purpose of the Champions Chair is to represent the general Architecture and Committer community. They will be responsible for holding regular Architecture meetings and working with the General Board to communicate and resolve issues. The purpose of the Ambassador Chair is to represent the general Outreach Community, hold regular meetings and work with the General board to communicate and resolve issues.

The 2022 Committee Chairs are:

Ortelius 2022 Committee Chairs

Looking Forward to 2022

Welcome to all of our new leaders. 2022 will most certainly be a busy year. Your leadership and vision will assist the Ortelius community with moving the microservice catalog technology forward.