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Ortelius 2023 Technology Oversight Committee

The 2023 Ortelius Technology Oversite Committee Election Results

Congratulations and ’thank you’ to the first Ortelius Technology Oversight Committee. The general community thanks all of you who are willing to step up and take on a Technology Oversight role. We are happy to report that the new board represents a global and diverse group of people from all over the world. The Ortelius project is committed to building a safe, inclusive experience for all participants. The new TOC is a reflection of that commitment.

Learn more about the Technology Oversight Committee.

Introducing the New Board

  • Vincent Danen - Vice President, Red Hat Product Security, Canada
  • Brian Fox - Co-Founder, CTO Sonatype, USA
  • Adam Gardner - DevRel - Open Observability and Security, Dynatrace, Austrailia
  • Garima Bajpai - Founder, DevOps Canada Community of Practice, Canada
  • Steve Taylor - CTO DeployHub, Inc., USA
Ortelius TOC Board