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2021 Blog-A-Thon

Ortelius Blog-A-Thon

BlogAThon 2021 Closed

Thank you for all who contributed to this years BlogAThon. Here are some of the highlights:

2021 BlogAThon

Whether you are new to open source or an expert at it, the Ortelius BlogAThon is a way for you to create meaningful content to educate and inform others. The goal of the Ortelius BlogAThon is to:

  • Help new contributors become productive members of the Ortelius open source community;
  • Help new open source users adopt the Ortelius platform;
  • Educate the community on general GitOps and configuration management topics related to the CD Pipeline.

This BlogAThon is a way for you to become part of the Ortelius CDF Incubating Project. The community looks forward to welcoming you as part of the team.

Rules of the BlogAThon

Everyone is invited to participate. Individuals who submit one accepted blog will receive an Ortelius “Enthusiast” digital badge to recognize their efforts.  In addition the two top blogs with the most traffic will be given a $50 Amazon gift certificate (sponsored by DeployHub).

The BlogAThon will be held February 1st and run through March 31st with winners selected on May 1st. To qualify, your blog must be submitted by March 31st and include:

  • A minimum of 500 words with graphics and keyword optimization for SEO.
  • A minimum of 300 words with graphics and a video with keyword optimization for SEO.

Blogs will be reviewed by the Ortelius Outreach committee to determine their qualifications or need to be pushed back to the author for updates.

Blogs for New Contributors

Helping new contributors to become successful in becoming an open source contributors is the focus of these blogs. The blog could cover:

  • First steps - signing up, meetings, joining the calls.
  • The Ortelius repository - how things are structured.
  • Your first pull request.
  • Reaching out to other contributors - discord channel.
  • Why you are an open source contributor and why others should be too. <

Blogs for New Open Source Adopters

Providing tips and tricks, how-to and getting started informational blogs is the goal of this category of blogs. Think about:

  • Signing up to the SaaS version.
  • Downloading the container (if we have it released of course).
  • Walking through the hipster store.
  • Understanding Domains and microservices.
  • What is an Environment.
  • Components and Logical Application relationships.
  • A review of the maps.

Blogs on GitOps and Configuration Management

Education on what GitOps is, how Ortelius fits into this conversation and the overall importance of configuration management at the application level is the focus of this blog category. Suggested topics:

  • Hermetic deployments.
  • Separating data from definition with key value pairs.
  • The importance of tracking changes across applications and clusters.
  • Visibility of your blast radius.
  • What is a logical application and why it is important.

How to Submit Your Blog

Join the Google Group and add your Blogs under Ortelius OSS Project/Blog folder. Use one of the following issues and create a comment. Add the link from your Blog in Google Docs to your comment.

Tips and Tricks - Issue #193 or Issue #194

Ortelius Contributor - Issues #191 or Issue #192

GitOps and Conf. Management - Issues #189 or Issue #190

For videos, create a new issue with a request to have your Video added to the Ortelius Youtube channel.

  • Upload your video to the Google drive and include the link in your GitHub Issue. Your video will then be uploaded to the Ortelius Demo Playlist Channel.
  • If you have your own Youtube channel, provide the link where we can reference your video in the Ortelius Youtube Channel Demo Playlist.

Thank you in advance for your contributions to this project. Ortelius is a project about learning and sharing. Everyone’s story is important.

Help Get The Word Out

Help us get the Blog-A-Thon info out. Here are some suggested posts.

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