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Utkarsh Sharma Achieves Gold Legend Status

Utkarsh Sharma

The Ortelius Community Congratulates Utkarsh Sharma, their First Contributor to Achieve Gold Legend Status

The Ortelius community is pleased to congratulate Utkarsh Sharma, the first recipient of the Ortelius Gold Legend Recognition Award. Gold Legend is the highest award that can be achieved. In order to receive this recognition, Utkarsh had to first achieve Gold status in both the Champion and Ambassador levels, a task that requires extensive work in both coding and DevRel activities.

Utkarsh has shown excellence in both code commitment, technical leadership and community outreach. Utkarsh is a core member of the Ortelius community. He has worked on the Ortelius blockchain architecture, and is now providing leadership in Machine Learning aspects of the Ortelius project. Utkarsh is and educator and mentor. He has presented at the Ortelius Visionaries Summit, and has taken leadership roles in many aspects of the Ortelius project.

About Utkarsh Sharma

Utkarsh is a Cloud Engineer who is passionate about simplifying the intricacies of modern technology. In his four-year professional journey, he has not only contributed to award-winning products, but has also become an advocate for open-source initiatives. Utkarsh is currently pursuing a master’s degree in Big Data Science at Queen Mary University of London. Utkarsh is dedicated to applying his knowledge in data science to actively contribute to this dynamic field.

Utkarsh’s technical journey has been diverse, working with global giants such as Cisco, Capgemini, and Tata Consultancy Services. Through these experiences, he has honed skills in developing and deploying scalable distributed systems, as well as crafting real-time solutions that resonate with the demands of today’s digital landscape. During his career, he has worked on projects using multiple programming languages from Java to Python and GoLang (which happens to be his favorite). Utkarsh is a certified cloud developer and has worked with multiple cloud providers like AWS and GCP. Utkarsh have mentored more than 100 students and takes pride in guiding them on their technical journeys.

When Utkarsh is not coding, you will find him hiking and spending time outdoors with nature.

History of the Ortelius Recognition Program.

In April of 2021, the Ortelius Community established a recognition program as a way to acknowledge contributors for a job well done. The program includes multiple levels:

  • Champions - bronze, silver and gold levels. Champions are those contributors who focus on code commitment, technical mentorship,architecture and other technical aspects of the project.
  • Ambassadors - bronze, silver and gold levels. Ambassadors are those individuals who participate in DevRel outreach, blogs and presentations at various events.
  • Legends - bronze, silver and gold levels. Legends are individuals who have achieved levels in both Champion and Ambassador categories. An individual who receives a Gold Legend badge must have achieved Gold level in both Champion and Ambassador categories.

About Ortelius

The mission of the Ortelius project is to defend the software supply chain by federating open-source software security intelligence creating AI threat models and a rapid response system designed for both consumers and producers of publicly shared software. Ortelius is an software supply chain management catalog that federates supply chain and DevOps intelligence providing an end-to-end view of an organization’s security profile. Ortelius tracks and versions DevOps and security details for every component of your software supply chain. This data is then collected and aggregated to the ’logical’ applications, organizational Domains, and deployed environments giving you a sweeping view of your organization’s security insights. With Ortelius, you never need to ask, “where is Log4J running?” You already know.