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Ortelius Community Recognition Program

Ortelius recognition program

Recognizing our Members for Their Hard Work

Our community members work hard to solve the problem of microservice management. And being an open source project means there is little funding for swag. But we want to recognize our members who have contributed via technical efforts or outreach efforts. There are a few select individuals who do both.

To recognize these outstanding individuals, we have created the Ortelius Recognition Program. Individuals who reach certain criteria will be provided an award badge. Everyone can participate regardless of your expertise level. We have two main tracks to get involved with:

  • Champions: Focused on the technical aspects of open source involvement. Individuals who receive ‘Champion’ badges have achieved certain levels of expertise in coding, documentation, testing and design.
  • Ambassadors: Focused on outreach, adoption and education, this group of individuals work on training, special events and end user communication. Individuals who receive these badges have achieved recognition for their commitment to building powerful content and community engagement.

Some community members may participate in both Champion and Ambassador activities. We call these super stars “Legends.”

All 3 groups have Bronze, Silver and Gold levels of achievement. Below are links to the criteria for achieving each of the badges.

We thank all of our committers for the efforts towards solving a really difficult problem, microservice management. You are all heroes.