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February 2021 Newsletter

January 2021 Recap and February Events

January was the month for getting the news out about Ortelius and the Continuous Delivery Foundation. While we were officially announced in December, the official podcast and webcast were held in January after the ‘holidaze’ wore off.  Steve Taylor gave an excellent overview of Ortelius and how its evolves the Continuous Delivery Pipeline with automated microservice configuration management. Neetu Jain,Siddharth Parrek and Tracy Ragan joined Jacqueline Salinas, CDF Ecosystem Director, on a Podcast talking about the open source community, its growth and ambitions.

Welcome Ortelius - the CDF Newest Project with Steve Taylor

The Pipeline Podcast hosted by the CD Foundation

“Ortelius - the CDF’s newest incubating project” with Neetu Jain, Siddharth Pareek and Tracy Ragan, hosted by Jacqueline Salinas, CDF Ecosystem Director.

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Month Recap

Overall goals for Q1-21 will focus on adoption, in particular the adoption of the Ortelius platform and the onboarding of new open source members. Siddharth Pareek begun this effort in December with the Ortelius Contributor Guide. The Outreach committee saw a need to encourage new members to actively participate. A Blog-A-Thon was born. It will run from February 1st thru March 31st. Read the details and get your blog submitted. Three primary categories are encouraged: GitOps and Configuration Management, Ortelius Tips and Tricks, and your personal journey with joining as a Open Source Committer with info on how to get started. Everyone is welcome to participate in the Blog-A-Thon. We are particularly interested in your thoughts around GitOps and Configuration Management or Tips and Tricks.

Architecture Working Group Updates

The Architecture Working Group explored the use cases around ArgoCD “Application sets” and request from Netflix to address “Component sets.” The meeting was attended by OpsMx, Armory, Inuit, and Netflix and covered many topics around the challenges of deploying containers of microservices across dozens of clusters. Steve Taylor summarized the discussion and began a requirements definition for Ortelius. View the full recording.

Additional projects for the Architecture team includes adding more metadata around microservice ownership (for example, including emails to make it easy for support teams to reach a microservice developer) and the generation of .yaml files to be passed to a GitOps operator. These projects will be initiated for coding in April.

Outreach Working Group Updates and Events

In a push to increase open source participation in Ortelius, the Outreach team discussed providing ways for ’enthusiast’ to get involved. Out of that discussion the Ortelius 2021 Winter Blog-A-Thon was created.

Ortelius Blog-A-Thon

Digital Badging and Recognition Program

A recognition program is currently in the works led by Garima Bajpai and Siddharth Pareek. Art work for the badges is being led by Sergio Canales. Examples have been posted in the discord channel.

Google Summer of Code

Ortelius submitted to be part of the Google Summer of Code, through the Continuous Delivery Foundation. Three projects have been submitted with 4 mentors.

Google Summer of Code

Open Source Stats for January

Pull Request - 11

New Members - 9

Total Membership - 139