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Ortelius Microservice Visionaries 2023

Ortelius Microservice Visionaries May 2023

Join the Alien Visionaries Fun

On May 19th, 2023 the Ortelius community hosted their annual ‘Microservice Visionaries Summit’ to celebrate the Ortelius Committers, discuss supply chain best practices, microservices architecture, and drive awareness of the benefits of adopting a central evidence store of DevOps and security intelligence. The event was hosted on the Ortelius Twitch TV Channel with games and ways to socialize. The event was kicked-off with “Beer and Donuts” hosed on zoom where recognition badges were awarded.

If you missed the event, you can view the sessions on demand below or watch the entire playlist.

New Messaging and Recognition Badge Awards for Ambassadors, Champions and Legends, Tracy Ragan

Keynote - Ortelius Outreach Successes, Saim Safder

Keynote - Introducing Emporous, a Universal Object Reference, Andrew Block, Red Hat

Keynote - A Review of the new Ortelius Architecture, Steve Taylor, DeployHub

CDF Award Recipient Acknowledgement with Steve Taylor, Saim Safder and Sacha Wharton

Break out Session - Mentors and Mentees, Tony Carrato

Break out Session - Using Ortelius and Syft to collect Open-Source Supply Chain data, Tracy Ragan

Break out Session - Doman Driven Design and Digital Transformation, Joseph Akayesi

Break out Session - Enter the Dragon- Getting Ready for the CKA, Sacha Wharton

Closing Statements, Tracy Ragan