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Posts in 2021

  • February 2021 Newsletter

    Thursday, February 11, 2021 in Ortelius News

    January 2021 Recap and February Events January was the month for getting the news out about Ortelius and the Continuous Delivery Foundation. While we were officially announced in December, the official podcast and webcast were held in January after …

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  • 2021 Blog-A-Thon

    Wednesday, January 20, 2021 in Ortelius News

    Whether you are new to open source or an expert at it, the Ortelius BlogAThon is a way for you to create meaningful content to educate and inform others. The goal of the Ortelius BlogAThon is to: * Help new contributors become productive members of …

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  • Ortelius GSOC Project Proposal

    Monday, January 18, 2021 in Ortelius News

    Ortelius submits to GSOC - A Learning Experience for all Ortelius submitted 3 projects to the GSOC as part of the Continuous Delivery Foundation. The projects include integration of automated configuration management in CD, microservice versioning …

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  • January 2021 Newsletter

    Tuesday, January 05, 2021 in Ortelius News

    December Recap and January Events December 8th marks the day the Ortelius project was accepted into the Continuous Delivery Foundation. Congratulations to all. The team celebrated with a ‘Beer and Donuts” zoom party that was attended by over 30 …

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Posts in 2020

  • Publishing Microservices

    Tuesday, December 29, 2020 in Ortelius Tips And Tricks

    Facilitate Microservice Reuse Publishing microservices is the easiest way to share them across teams. If you are a microservice developer, you need a way to inform other application developers that your microservice is available for use, and how to …

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  • Ortelius An Incubating CDF Project

    Tuesday, December 29, 2020 in Ortelius News

    The Ortelius Open Source project accepted as an incubating CDF project Santa Fe, NM – December 8, 2020– DeployHub, creators of the first microservice management platform, today announced that Ortelius, the DeployHub open source core, has been …

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  • Ortelius A Single Source Of Truth

    Tuesday, December 29, 2020 in GitOps And Configuration Management

    Contributed by Tracy Ragan @TracyRagan A single source of truth beyond just matching a .yaml file to a cluster is what will be needed to manage microservices across all clusters and stages of the life cycle. Have you thought about what your future …

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  • Ortelius Jenkins Plugin

    Thursday, December 17, 2020 in Ortelius Tips And Tricks

    Contributed by Phil Gibbs, Ortelius Core Contributor @philgibbs The Ortelius Jenkins plugin (https://plugins.jenkins.io/deployhub) allows Jenkins to notify Ortelius that a build has been performed and (optionally) trigger Ortelius to perform a …

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